How to Improve the Rate of Conversion through Internet Marketing

With the growing penetration of Search Engines and Internet it is indispensable for brands and companies to tap the fullest potential of Online Marketing. According to research if Internet marketing is leveraged wisely and consciously it could reap great benefits and this is why companies and organizations are investing a huge amount of money and resources in optimizing their websites for search engines. However, search engines like Google has been very choosy and selective about the quality of Internet marketing you are employing and any attempt to trick the mechanical algorithms of search engines could be devastating and rank your website down the search engine rung.

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With this article we have come up with certain facts and points that could help websites improve their rate of conversion.

Stay Consistent with your content: No doubt much of the success of your website depends on the meta-keywords, HTML codes and other relevant information that we offer to search engines. There have been many cases of cheating search engine’s mechanical algorithm to take ranking advantage however Google has come up with methods to detect and check such practices. Hence, it is important for websites to stay consistent with the information that they provide to the users and search engines. Any discrepancy in this could hamper your overall marketing goal. If you don’t deliver things you promised with the search engines could hit the credibility of the business and ultimately. Over-optimization and backlink building services beyond the capacity could let your website down on the search engine result page.

Don’t Annoy Users: Brands and companies should know that users are running out of time and they are on the search engine simply because they don’t have enough time to invest. Anything that could annoy users will suck and every brand should take it into consideration. Banner ad, pop-up ad and other display ad that could annoy these precious users should be avoided. With Google’s new update like Penguin and panda it is important for users to ensure a sound user satisfaction with the website.

Put call-to-action consciously: Call to action part of a website is important as much of the success of a website depends on the nature of same and how simple and convenient it is. Every website want to offer its buyers and consumers enough opportunity to perform the task that you wish them to do. The best way to achieve this is by arranging multiple call-to-actions buttons throughout the website. The color choice, design of the tab and convenience of the button should be considered prior to making the web-page live.

Make Registration Process Simple & Convenient: One of the important things to be looked at is the process of registration websites employed. It is important for brands and companies to know that a complex and long registration process could annoy users and suck your business goal. Users should be asked only for information that is relevant and important in the context and the process of registration should be made as simple as possible


Which Internet Marketing Companies Should Choose: PPC, Social Media or SEO

Internet marketing has emerged as one of the most preferred marketing armor in the arsenal of business marketing and companies are investing a huge amount of money in running online marketing campaigns that could help businesses get maximum returns for their investment. However, Internet marketing is a broad and comprehensive field that has different verticals like Pay-Per-Click, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. Companies are in a state of dilemma which campaign should they run and are always seeking for adequate knowledge that could help them optimizing these marketing campaigns.

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After having spent a considerable amount of time in the Search Engine Marketing we believe that all these three are different aspects of a same phenomenon and these works most when they are run conjointly. According to research more than seventy percent of American population and 30% Indian population are buying their products and services through search engine and hence it is important to tap the marketing potential of search engines that it has.

Every search engines find documents and web-pages through links and hence it is important for companies and brands to acquire links so that search engine bots could find them and here comes the need of an efficient Search Engine Optimization company. These companies help brands build fruitful and important links so that search engines could pull their website when someone searches for the specified keyword. Optimizing websites for search engines involve modifying the HTML mark-up codes, CSS and Java script codes of the website in question.

Social Media is another aspect of Internet marketing where we leverage the potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora. These platforms could help brands maximize their return of investment provided are leveraged wisely and consciously. The high penetration of Facebook in people could be criteria to understand how important it is to target these platforms.

Pay-Per-Click or Google Adwords is another arm of Internet marketing that could be leveraged to maximize the returns on investment. However, companies need to invest a considerable amount of time and expertise in optimizing their PPC campaign as it is Pull Marketing and brands could be benefitted a lot.

All we can say that SEO, PPC and Social Marketing are integrated parts of Internet marketing and it works most when all are run in unison. Link building Social Media and PPC should go hand by hand to get the maximum benefit.


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What is the Fate of SEO after Penguin Update?

Two of the updates that have revolutionized the search engine arena are Google Penguin and Google Panda Updates. These two updates from Google have emerged as the worst nightmare for Digital Marketing Companies and SEO Consultants. According to various SEO Expert Companies these updates have changed the way websites are optimized and link building is done. Before Penguin updates the search engine optimizers have the scopes to manipulate the mechanical algorithm of Google with textual links and over-optimization process.Nacs Infosystems, digital agency, online marketing, internet marketing, digital solutions, internet marketing india, online marketing agency, internet marketing agency,

However, with the advent of Google penguin and Panda update there is a very little scope for search engine experts to manipulate the ranking of their websites and portals on search engine result page. Initially we had the idea that content is king however there were only a handful of websites that were relying much on contents. These companies were not bothering much about the quality of the content and this attitude of SEOs compelled Google to come up with an update that could ensure quality content and avoid over optimization.

So, here are few of the points that will help webmasters rank high on the search engine result page:

Links are still the base: There are many SEO Companies who are of the opinion that link building is dead after Google Penguin however the truth is just the opposite of it. After having spent considerable amount of time in the field of search engine arena we believe links are still the basic of search engines and search bots still require link to find a website in World Wide Web. However, the relevance, authority and quality of link is something that will matter the most. As long as your website is generating quality link you are in the safe ends.

Work on the Content: The quality of the content is bread and butter of search engines like Google. These search engines are doing their best to ensure that websites maintain the certain standard of quality guidelines and hence after Penguin updates webmasters will have to work much on the content part as it is going to be a crucial in the ranking of your website.

Rely on Social Media matrix: Search engines like Google are relying much on the metrics and signals that are coming from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora. These metrics and signals could be considered as third party vote that your website is gaining from web.

Why SEO Services Are Important These Days

There is no point in having a website that doesn’t rank well in the search engine result page. At the end of the day it is the number of conversion that matters and conversion is possible only when you have a higher ranking in the search engine result page. According to experts around 70% of businesses in the United States receive their clients and prospects through search engines.

Brand Awareness: Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important ways of popularizing your brand or company. According to experts more than 60% of US populations get their product and services through search engines and hence it has emerged as one of the best way to let people know about your product and services.  Compared to other channels of marketing SEO is one of those that have received wide recognition and acceptance among people from business fraternity.

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High Rate of Conversion: One of the important aspects of Internet marketing is that it is a pull marketing wherein customers themselves come to the website with the appropriate keyword they are looking for. And due to its pull marketing nature the rate of conversion is pretty high compared to other modes of marketing. The pull marketing of Internet marketing and search engine optimization allows people to target their exact customers and clients compared to other marketing channels.

Low Cost: Offline marketing is useful but at the same time it is more cumbersome and hence costs much more compared to other marketing channels. However, with the advent of Internet it has become very easy for people to make their words out. Search engines are one of the most important tools that people are using to find their products and services and it would be great if people could find their products and services through these search engines.

Less Cumbersome: Search engine marketing is less cumbersome compared to other forms of marketing. Wherein all you need to do is make a digital space for your business and you need to work on that only. With the emergence of social media, SMO Services and forums the marketing of these products have become easier and less cumbersome.

All we can say in this point in time is that if you are looking for some awesome and effective marketing channels for your business there could be nothing more worthy than Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization provided you have the true SEO services provider.